Traditional web design and development is dying and we’ve never felt so exhilarated.

Prior to Horlu, we were making websites for our clients for the better part of the decade. We were there to hold each others’ white-knuckled hands as Steve Jobs hammered the last nail into the coffin for Flash. We witnessed how Wordpress grew from a blogging tool that no one took seriously, to a full-featured CMS that powers some of the most popular websites in the world. We eagerly ushered in the new era of mobile responsive websites and saw how DIY website builders became massive tech giants. More recently, we watched with interest as people dabbled (and grew disappointed) with websites powered by artificial intelligence.

Despite the gaffes by a certain AI website charlatan, the jaw dropping interest it managed to gather makes it clear that intelligent automatic websites, when successful, are going to be in great demand. And here’s why. Through all these years, the brief remains unchanged. Most small business owners need a simple, professional website that represents their business clearly. Yet being a small business owner means that time and money are precious commodities that no one has enough of. Few have time or the skills to design and build their site, even less can dedicate resources towards keeping their site and Facebook fresh. Over 40 million small business owners have Facebook Pages but less than half have a website simply because it’s easier to update.

It got us thinking.

Could we create a service that allows people to turn their Facebook Pages into customizable websites that can be updated easily? After months of research, surveys and head scratching, and in late 2019, we created Horlu.

So, what is Horlu?

Horlu is an intelligent web design assistant who will create a completely bespoke website for your business based on the photos, color and post frequency of your Facebook Page. She will study your business logo and pick out a colour palette to determine your website’s colour. Next, she will design the layout of your website by various properties of the photos you’ve uploaded to you to Facebook. Finally, she will collect the information you already entered on your Facebook Page to create relevant information for your website. From your News Feed to Reviews, you can decide exactly what you to want feature on your site and Horlu will automatically update your new site so you will never have to worry about managing your website AND Facebook Page.

The finished product is a polished looking website with well selected images and thoughtful colors that complement your logo. Horlu will also be priced competitively.

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