Can I...

Turn my business Facebook Page into a website instantly?

You Tiao: $0.70

Launching soon

Websites for just $1 per day

How can?

Website: $1

Even cheaper than your you tiao

Can meh?

Only possible with Horlu

But first, do you have website?

Y u still have no website?

Time to get online!

It's high time you got yourself a website! Horlu is here to make it customizable, easy and super affordable. Here's why you will love creating a website with Horlu.


Super affordable forever

A website is a necessity that should not cost thousands. We created our own technology to design, build, host and maintain your website for just S$1 per day.


Why drag & drop when you can slide?

Forget about drag and drop interfaces. Easily customize your website through sliders. Create with Horlu on your desktop or on-the-go on your mobile device.


No content or images? No problem!

Only have a business name? Horlu can still build you a website. Have no images? Let Horlu select images for you. Need to add more content? Let Horlu design for you.

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I want to create a website for my business using Horlu!

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So you have a website already

But can your website do these?

It's cool that you have a website, but since you are here, why not check out some of the cool things that Horlu can do?


Update your website with Facebook

Horlu is integrated with Facebook. Every post you make on your business Facebook Page gets posted on your website. There's no easier way to update your website!


Customize your layout without coding

Easily customize your website with our built-for-mobile website manager. Customizing with Horlu is a fun and code-free experience. Save frustration and money!


Have free website maintenance forever

Website maintenance and security is critical yet many are still paying recurring fees for it. At Horlu, we maintain, backup and upkeep your website at no additional charge.

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I want Horlu to design and build me a better website!

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I'm not ready to have a website because

Getting started is the hardest part

(And how Horlu can help you take that first step)

Reason #1

I don't know what to put on my website

Horlu can suggest what you should put on your website to get you started in the right direction! All you need is your business name and type. Surely you know at least that, right?

Reason #2

I don't have any nice pictures to use

Horlu can find you the best photos for your business from world's top image libraries to use on your website and more. No hidden charges, royalty or usage fees, we promise.

Reason #3

Websites are f*cking expensive

Who has $5,000 to spare? No one. That's why we created Horlu to design, build and host amazing websites for just $1 per day. That's even cheaper than your daily kopi!

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I want Horlu to build me an amazing website!

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I want an instant website that updates and maintains itself!

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