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Create a website for your business from your Facebook Page instantly.

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From Facebook Page to Mobile Responsive Website

Need a professional website for your business? Horlu creates a unique and responsive website almost instantly from your Facebook Page.

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First impressions count

Having just a Facebook Page is not enough. Impress potential customers instantly with a stunning, professional website for your business built from the freshest content on your Facebook Page.

Built in minutes

Traditional web design and development is time-consuming and expensive. Horlu can build a simple yet highly effective website branded for your business in mere minutes.

Intelligent (automated) design

Horlu studies your Facebook Page and picks the best content to create a beautiful, mobile-friendly site just for you. Absolutely no coding or design skills required.

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From the right colors...

From your logo, Horlu will create an amazing color palette that complements your brand perfectly. Don't like what she suggested? Horlu will keep working for you to create something you love. the right images

Horlu finds the best photos from your Facebook Page to create a mobile-optimized design that works with the content you have. Looking professional has never been this easy.

Maintain and update your website effortlessly

Stop wasting time maintaining and updating your business website. Just update or post to your Facebook Page and Horlu will update your website automatically.

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Update your website using Facebook

Horlu automatically updates your website with your latest Facebook Page posts and updates so you only need to focus on managing your Facebook Page.

Website maintenance included. Forever.

All websites made by Horlu are hosted on state-of-the-art secured servers so you never have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your website.

It’s going to be super easy to make your own website.

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